Monday, 17 March 2014

Autumn Egyptian Butterfly

It's now Autumn here in New Zealand, yay for cold rainy days and nature shedding it's Summer greens. So I decided to celebrate by wearing Autumn colours, red, orange and gold with a darker undertone. The butterfly top is second hand from Paper Bag Princess, the skirt is a piece of cloth I found and decided to use as a sarong, I can't actually remember where the fishnet top came from and the boots are Dr Martens that my wonderful boyfriend bought for me. I love mixing different cultures and styles together. Here I'm wearing an Egyptian print skirt and a bindi which is originally an Indian decoration, with a black fishnet top and knee-high Dr Marten boots which is a kind of punkish, gothic, grunge look, and a butterfly crop top which is very floaty, delicate and feminine. I like to accentuate my curves without actually showing much, so I prefer wearing long high-waisted and skirts and crop-tops with high necklines that only leaving a strip of naked waistline, or in this case covered in some sort of sheer fabric. The butterfly is a symbol of change and transformation, which suits the season of Autumn because it is when nature prepares itself for the harsh cold days of Winter.
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