Monday, 23 June 2014

Mustard Corduroy Jacket

Today's look has a pretty obvious difference in quality from my past images, it's not because I got a new camera or editing software, it's because I finally learned how to use my camera properly! I've literally improved 100x overnight. Just thought I'd share that because I'm pretty exited. 

I love this jacket so much! I first spotted it when I was with Gemma in the opshop on Aro St, in Wellington. I tried it on but I didn't buy it because I wasn't sure that I'd ever wear it, I'm not used to such bright colours. The next day we went in again and it was still there so I figured it was meant to be mine, and then Gemm quickly steps in and says "I was going to get it for you for your birthday..." So I let her buy it for me and in the following few days she hid it and embroidered some sneaky symbols on the inside. I won't tell you what they are because that's my little secret that reminds me of her whenever I wear it. Best friends are the cutest. It is now my rainy days jacket because I like to look like sunshine and brighten up people's day when the weather is gloomy. 

I'm also wearing some tights that I got from Cotton On in Hastings when I was up there for NYDS in 2013, a velvet dress that Gemm also gave me, my trusty Doc Martens and a belt that mum used to wear for Egyptian dancing. 

I went on a little $2 shop mission the other day and bought some shitty sparkly eyeshadows, eyeliners, and colourful lipstick so that I could experiment with drawing on my face. It was fun.

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Leather, Denim and Fringe

I don't know why I look unhappy in these photos, my camera's self-timer was misbehaving so that's probably it but I was actually in a really good mood, just in case anyone was wondering. Anyway..

I was inspired the other day when my friend came over and brought this amazing leather jacket for me. She said she'd kept it in the cupboard for ages and never worn it. A week earlier she had seen a pair of my jeans and said she'd always wanted red jeans. I had immediately thought, well I never really wear them anyway, and I was probably just going to cut them up and make something, but instead I just said "you can have them." I wasn't expecting anything back, I just knew that she'd use them and love them alot more than I did so therefore they were better off with her. I recently did the same thing with another friend when she gave me a few clothes she didn't want anymore, I gave her my favourite pair of pants because she liked them and they suited her.

It feels so good giving things away and not expecting anything in return. Life usually rewards you anyway, whether it's a physical thing or just a good feeling inside.

I got the fringe top at Paper Bag Princess in Wellington. When the guy at the counter was trying to put it in a bag for me it kept getting caught on everything it touched, he asked why the hell I wanted it and how I could possibly wear it without getting stuck. I love it though, so I went around cutting every single loop in half so that it wasn't so bad. Was very tedious but worth it.

I associate fringe tassels with either 20's fashion or american hippies so I combined it with vertical striped stockings and denim shorts, and the leather jacket just ties it all together.