Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sunflower Crop-top

Yesterday I made this top out of some old fabric that's been lying around for years (mum says it was probably once my grandma's). I'm so exited because it's one of the first pieces I've made totally from scratch, even creating my own pattern for it. It wasn't actually made to fit me, I was planning to sell it, but I think I've fallen in love... This is probably my favourite piece of clothing I've ever made.

Photography is by the amazing Isaac Henry, thanks so much babe. He's going to be doing alot more of my fashion photography for me because I'm sick of using a tripod and self timer. Speaking of, I have lots of exiting plans for this blog and the future of my style so watch this pace... Also I'm so sorry, I realize that I haven't posted anything here since September 2014!

I'm heading to a Luminate Festival today, for eight days, and I'm planning to photograph my outfits each day and create some kind of blog series out of that for you, along with must haves for festivals etc. Also I'll be helping out in my friend's stall Rethreads where she sells her amazing clothing all made out of secondhand fabrics. I might even be selling some of my own creations alongside her brand. So if you're coming up, come visit me! Eek! I can't wait!